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"Florida Christmas" is a heartwarming musical comedy written and composed by Alena Holmes. In the heart of sunny Florida, where palm trees sway and ocean waves sing, a delightful cast of coastal creatures prepares for an unforgettable Christmas celebration. Follow Alonzo, a lovable alligator, on a quest for a White Christmas in Florida, and join the spectacular show with diverse songs and dances representing the diversity of characters and musical genres. The tale imparts crucial messages on environmental awareness, friendship, and the power of music and unity. Alligator Alonzo's wish inadvertently turns Florida into a frozen wonderland, but in a climactic moment, Martha the Mockingbird uses music's magical power to save the state. 'Florida Christmas' is a musical feast that celebrates Florida's nature, animals, birds, and the extraordinary magic that unfolds when we unite in the spirit of the season. 

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